3rd Trimester..aka 28 weeks.

Its been awhile that I have posted. Not for the lack of actually writing, just actually publishing what I wrote. I may go back through and post some but, it turned into a long post with multiple rabbit holes. I may break them up. We will see. (BTW..if you make it to the end of this post you will get a prize...sorry it ended up being so long..lots of update!)

AS of last Friday, I have entered my 3rd trimester. I made one of the goals of getting to 28 weeks. Its a good goal. Knowing that if our little one was born now, the chances of him doing well is much much higher then the previous weeks. So yay for 28 weeks!(its hard for me, because this was the week I had prayed to make it to with both of them...I have so many.."if only" thoughts that do run through my mind..*sigh*..if only..) I had my very first "things are great" appt 2 weeks ago- it was the first time since week 16. From week 18.5 on and we got the news our little girl passed away..there was always "something" going on. Either spotting, his amniotic fluid was abnormally high, cervix was shorter blah blah blah. Seemed like my doctor was holding his breath just as much as we were -hoping for the next week. But now? Week 26/27 was great! Cervix was holding steady-baby looked great, all the other usual things were perfect. I passed my glucose test, no surprise there. They also tested for anemia at that time and my iron was above average, which is great too!

The best part of the appointment was when we nicely asked the tech if she could "push the 3D button.." (we have NEVER had a 3D u/s before!) unfortuantly we were not on a machine that was capable...but then we finished up with his growth...and she had a new person who was with her run and see if the other rooms were available. One was open, so we hurried over there before my appointment with my doctor..I have one word to describe the images we saw. AMAZING. Truly, truly amazing. I was in awe at the technology that we could see him so well. All sides of him. His beginnings of chubby cheeks, his hands move near his face and his pulsing umbilical cord. Beautiful. Perfect. She got a couple amazing images of him (even through his active sugar rush from the drink I had..haha ) and printed them for us. We were ever so grateful! We both agreed he looks very much like Hudson! I can't wait til we get to meet him in person! That very moment of getting to see him, brought a little much needed sunshine during this pregnancy. I need sunshine.

So that brings me to the next 2 weeks when today I went in again for my first ever appointment only, no ultrasound...and walked away with another GREAT report! ( very odd to not have an u/s though, I do have to say!) I have been having much more intense contractions lately and combo'd with a little spotting this morning, my doctor wanted to check me. BUT again- no reason for concern and everything was just as it should be :) PHEW! They put me on the monitors today during my appt just to make sure and everything was quiet there as well (have done this off and on, so nothing surprising)..all was quiet besides my active little booger in there who kicks/punches non stop and rarely sleeps...(more on that later..ha!) But his heartrate was great the whole time and I can't complain since I LOVE listening to the sound even if its mixed with the loud thumps of his being "annoyed" with the monitor pushing on him..haha). I will find out results on Thursday of the fibrinogen blood test they did again today. That should be fine as well, but we need to keep checking it to make sure there are no complications later on. Blood pressure was a little higher then it usually is but she joked that it was because I confessed the spotting.. :) Oh how I LOVE LOVE my nurse.(We also realized last appointment why we were so familiar looking to each other- she looked back in my charts and she was my nurse when I came in for postpartum checks after the girls were born! almost 8 years ago!! We seriously LOVE her, she has been awesome :) ) I also gained another pound in 2 weeks. She said I was doing perfectly. (So funny! I am *just now* getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight..haha slowly but surely!)

I go back again in 2 weeks and will have another ultrasound checking his growth :)

Here is a funny comparison..I was reading through my blog of Hudson's pregnancy and I had taken a measurement at 30 weeks pregnant and my belly measured 42 inches around. This week at 28 weeks its 43 inches. haha 2 weeks earlier and already an inch bigger. I am guessing if I deliver the same time as Hudson, I will easily surpass that final measurement..Just how big will I get? :) OH YA! I have to brag just a little too...never ever have I been able to say I have gone DOWN in sizes of clothes while pregnant until now! NONE of my pants fit me from my last pregnancy. ZIP. They all fall down constantly (yes, I wear a bella band to help keep them up) and make it very frustrating because if they aren't falling down, they are all droopy and saggy in the butt and legs! I finally caved and got a pair of maternity capris the other day and bought a 2. yes..A size TWO! Now I only brag this because I am sure the designers of clothing have gotten very wise and changed sizing to make pregnant women feel better about their expanding sizes..and I am sure once he is born, I will still have trouble fitting in my pre-pregnancy jeans..BUT....this was still pretty cool :) Not a complaint here! haha

Meet baby "no confirmed name" :) (its ok- at this point with Hudson, we hadn't officially named him either! in fact we were between two names up until we met him!) What name does this little one look like to you?
and a photo for fun that Kyle took the past weekend at the beach...27 weeks pregnant?

I will get another official photo this week..its been awhile since I have posted one. :) and thanks for making it to the end...you win.....a virtual hug from me for reading it all ;)


little girl...

My doctor came into my u/s at 26.5 weeks after seeing all was well so far and he cautiously asked if he could see our little girl..which both Kyle and I were curious about. My heart broke all over again when our precious baby girl no longer appeared to be the dainty adorable version of her brother like she had been the last time we saw her. She has very little fluid left so the images were not great and she appeared blob like. My heart sank deeper into my stomach. I have heard so many mixed things about what her appearance would be at delivery from a couple other people who have gone through this and I have been hoping for results similar to theirs. To have to go through having another twinless twin, all I can pray for is to be able to have that moment with her in the end. To be able to see as much of her as we can and I am scared for that day that we will not.

Here are a couple ultrasounds pictures of her that I never posted because Kyle had proudly taken them to work. He just brought them home awhile ago.

December 22 2009. 16.5 weeks.

Her perfect little hand....


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