Madden Quinn Hughes

Madden Quinn and his sweet angel twin sister Quinn Faith were born into this world Sunday, April 25th at 12:26 am. Madden weighed 4 pounds 13 oz and is 18 inches long. I am still in the hospital and getting use to the routine of NICU life. Madden will be in the NICU for a couple weeks, but is doing amazing! I will update more soon!


March for Babies.

I finally finished a video I started. I hate having a new story. Especially a sad one with out the happy ending we expected or hoped for. Wished for? Called a blessing? Gah. :( I started this video again to add to it a couple months ago. But couldn't finish it. Until today. its still not how I wanted it to be..but is anything ever how we wanted it to be? So take a moment to watch. Thank you!

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Bed rest: Day 3

Well, I survived the weekend. Kids all came home Sunday evening which was nice to have them back, I was getting lonely. haha Kyle was gone until the evening Saturday and then since he didn't sleep more then an hour, he slept for several hours once he did get home. Sunday he was gone again and came home early afternoon, then the kids came home. So that was nice to have him everyone back around. He was very helpful and picked up the house last night and started to get things organized for today.

Day 3: Today Kyle was able to stay home in the morning and get the kids off to school and then came home on his lunch to get the boys and I lunch. I am thinking its just going to have to be some of those things that I will need to do. Especially if we get into a couple "weeks" of bed rest. Its just not going to work as well as I thought it would especially when he is still umping softball in the evenings. Unfortunately we need that extra money to pay bills. So this is a short time frame that we just have to make it work. The alternative of having a baby in the nicu is going to be MUCH harder to organize life.

Today went really well until about 6 pm. Then the excessive silly insanity from not having a mommy to tell them to settle down kicked in. Lack of dinner I am thinking didn't help either. They started to search for food and get sillier. (Doesn't help that Haley is on National No TV week Patrol....and I told her we get an exception because the TV can baby sit her brothers..she didn't seem to agree but I overruled.) But they are quick to figure out that mom yelling from the bedroom doesn't mean much. OY! of all the weeks does Kyle really have to umpire every night the week I am on bedrest??? Then you throw in Tball practice, soccer practice, Kyle's own obsession of softball games and a Tball game? I am pretty sure if I don't have a baby from the chaos and stress of all that..then I will be admitted into the white padded room....

Stay tuned....Hopefully Day 4 goes better in the evening..because if it wasn't for Kyle not getting home until almost 7:30 tonight, I was going to give today 100% success!


Adventures in Bed Rest.

What a weekend! So after my appt on Tuesday things were going well. The usual weeks events and for the most part not a lot going on. Taxes got done an hour before deadline. (YAY! nothing like last minute, thats how we roll..haha) The kids and I went to Kyle's softball games. . I actually said to him.." You know why I thought it might be nice to come tonight don't you..?" "Who knows if I will be able to make it to anymore for awhile..." HAHA! And you see I said that because this next week are late games, which we would not go to, and the week after that would be early ones and I would be 35 weeks..just didn't know if the thought of going would be "fun".

Well...never know whats going to happen. I actually felt pretty good the end of the week. If it wasn't for the pelvic pain (I have symphysis pubis separation..which is the separation of the cartilage and pretty much feels like my legs are being ripped apart when I walk) I would feel as close to being normal as you can while pregnant. About 8:3o Friday night I noticed I was having contractions closer together then I usually do. So I started paying closer attention and recording them on a contraction calculator online. Hummm 5 minutes apart. Thats odd...SO I drank 24 oz of water. (I had already had about 100 oz that day) still coming. So I got in a warm bath. Woah...some were 3 min apart. Not good. After 15 min in the tub, they spaced to 7 min. I got out and laid in bed and drank more water. Still between 6-7 min for another hour or so. I decided the usual tricks to get them to space weren't working so it was time to call. My doctor thankfully was on call and he said that I could wait a little longer if I wanted to, but I would need to come in tonight to get checked out. It was already about 11:30 and the last thing I wanted to do was go in at 2 am. So we gathered some things for the kids, I put a bag together for me (murphys law right?) and we headed to Portland after dropping the kids at my parents house. We got to Labor and Delivery at about 12:45. I was checked in and taken to triage. (First time ever in a triage...with other patients behind curtains?? weird!) It was a busy night, and I wasn't high priority. My nurse was wonderful, but it just took forever for simple things. I was hooked up to the monitors and having contractions ever 5-10 minutes. I was starving since I was about to eat a late dinner when I had to hop in the tub, I should have ate before I left because they wouldn't allow me water or food "just in case". Boo. After awhile of monitoring, the nurse called my doctor and he wanted a FFN test done. The results came back about 45 minutes later and were negative. Which is much better then a positive result. I was then checked to see if there was any progress since my last check that week . After the nurse decided she wanted to see if she could actually tickle the babys head.. OUCH! She "Couldn't tell exactly...." Thought maybe I was a she got a different nurse who also felt the need to see if she could touch the baby...I think they ultimately made me more then I was..since it was so aggressive. But they agreed I was 1.5cm and 60% effaced. YIPES! They got word from my doctor that I was allowed to go home and stay on bedrest til 36 weeks and that I would see him at my appt that week. So we stayed just a little longer since the two exams created MORE contractions and finally I just said I can do this at home. I am too hungry and its 5:00 am. My nurse gave me some crackers and two icecreams and we left for home. She made me promise to call her when I got home and let her know if the contrax had slowed down. I finally got to sleep around 6 am and slept for 4 hrs. What a day!!


32.5 weeks. So it begins!

Ok so first of all I have to say how wonderful it was that I kept a journal of Hudson's pregnancy! It has really come in handy! ( I will come back to that!)

Today was my 32 week appt and my first NST. All of the regular things were just fine, blood pressure, urine, weight (gained another 2lbs which has me at 13lbs gained so far..) I explained the more frequent contrax I have had at night and there have been times I have had more then I should in an hour, but that they space out- but it just seems more often then not. Just not protocol to call about it yet. My doctor- who is just one of those "checkers" wanted to check me, which I wasn't surprised. And indeed- a fingertip dilated. Everything else was fine, not effaced and still long. So now we just wait and see. The NST went just fine and little one was happy, active and heartrate looked good.

I go back in 1 week (I am beginning my every week now..) and will have another NST and he will check me. IF I have any change then we discuss what I will be taking to stop the progression of my cervix that will give us a week or two to get steroids in for baby's lungs. Now does that mean I will be admitted to the hospital so I am monitored? I don't know. Am I worried? No, not really. Not at this week anyway.

I am curious to see what happens in a week though. Now for the reason why I LOVE my journal from last time. This post here is from my 32 week appt with Hudson. Its almost IDENTICAL to today's appt. Though I have not already had steroid shots nor did he do a FFN test. But being a fingertip dilated at 32 weeks- SAME. So as I read a few more updates I stayed that way for 3 WEEKS! It was a slow to no change progression until 35 weeks. Then I slowly progressed to 2 cm by 38 weeks and at that point I was going to have in a week anyway so it didn't matter.

So that makes me feel much better. Nothing like a little peace of mind! But with that said, I don't know because of our unfortunate situation of losing our little girl, if that will play a role in any of this. Most of the people on a support group I am on delivered early for various reasons. So could that be a factor? Maybe. Could the progesterone be losing its potency? Maybe. Is it because we have absolutely NOTHING prepared or ready for him, that Murphy's law will bite us? Maybe!(no really- if you walked into the house, it would not appear that a baby was on its way..LOL) regardless- I think that I better start coming to terms with the fact that this pregnancy is almost done, and we will be welcoming our little boy to our family soon. I do hope its not for another 7 weeks! I would love to have another full term experience and just have an easier time at the end, since we will already be dealing with enough heartbreak when the day comes. So here's to next week!


30 weeks-

I had my 30 week appointment last week and all is continuing to go well. I was surprised but my doctor didn't do an ultrasound of my cervix or check me! it had been a month since the last check via u/s. But since things appear to be going fine, no need to check :) We did get -I believe -the last ultrasound of our little boy to see how he is growing. He was measuring right on with my dates and looked great in there. We watched him practice breathing and kick the tech :) Like I had thought, he is head down with his back/butt to my right side and facing straight up! So that explains all of the alien like movements! We see his hands, elbows, knees and feet constantly moving around! During the u/s the tech laughed and showed us that his foot was by his nose! It was great! I just love getting to see a glimpse of him in his little world :)

All the other things- are just fine. I think this last time my blood pressure was 110/70? weight I went up 2lbs. All pretty good. I had to have my fibrinogen tested again since I guess last time it was within range, but had dropped more. Which we don't want to have happen. I got the call later that day that it looked ok and my doctor didn't want to do anything more right now. But will have it tested again. If it drops at all again, I believe I will be started on Heparin shots. OY. Just don't want to think of that and what that means. Having any issues is really rare.. So we will keep it at that for now and hope that my levels don't continue to drop. :)

I go back next week and will have my first non stress test(NST). I will lay down and will be monitored for 20-30 minutes to check his heartrate and how it reacts to him moving and resting, along with if I am having any contractions. I will then be going weekly after next week's appt and will be doing the NST's at those appts until he is born. We discussed possible dates to schedule and my doctor won't schedule him earlier then 39 weeks unless I have an amnio to check lung function or of course if I go into labor. So we are looking at May 28th or later.. I am having a little bit of a hard time considering Haley and Ashlyn were born May 26th. Memorial Day weekend. With this doctor, at this hospital. And here I the same situation with my twins, same weekend, same holiday, same doctor and hospital, just thankfully at term. But sadly..same outcome of my twinless twin. Blah. :( So we may just schedule for June 1st just to have a little space after the girl's birthday and be a different month.

Here are a few u/s pics of little boy...

Belly shots week 29 & 30. I did 30 weeks too because that day I felt much bigger. Maybe its the shirt. haha But like today? I am feeling smaller then both of these pictures! So weird how that happens!


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