little girl...

My doctor came into my u/s at 26.5 weeks after seeing all was well so far and he cautiously asked if he could see our little girl..which both Kyle and I were curious about. My heart broke all over again when our precious baby girl no longer appeared to be the dainty adorable version of her brother like she had been the last time we saw her. She has very little fluid left so the images were not great and she appeared blob like. My heart sank deeper into my stomach. I have heard so many mixed things about what her appearance would be at delivery from a couple other people who have gone through this and I have been hoping for results similar to theirs. To have to go through having another twinless twin, all I can pray for is to be able to have that moment with her in the end. To be able to see as much of her as we can and I am scared for that day that we will not.

Here are a couple ultrasounds pictures of her that I never posted because Kyle had proudly taken them to work. He just brought them home awhile ago.

December 22 2009. 16.5 weeks.

Her perfect little hand....

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