6 weeks- Its Twins!

This is what Kyle and I first saw when we went into my first u/s October 13th. I had an early u/s due to spotting that week and with my history with the ectopic pregnancy, its smart to get a look early on. So I was obviously very nervous and hoping that all was ok and looking like a good start to a healthy pregnancy. When the black and white images showed up on the screen, Kyle and I both looked at each other and our jaws dropped. We were speechless...and just watched the screen with wide eyes as she began to measure. We knew what we were seeing, but the tech didn't say anything so it had us both a little nervous..was everything ok? Was there actually two again? So Kyle asked...Is that twins?? and she happily goes- Oh, ya it is two. (its almost like she thought maybe we already knew?) And Kyle and I just started laughing...I don't think she quite understood our laughter...so I explained that it was our 2nd set and then she goes...."ohhhh" and then asked..."2nd set- naturally???" Yes. She glanced at the kids real quick and I explained that our older daughter was at school and she is a surviving twin born at 25 weeks. She asked a few other questions and then said she would be right back with dates. Kyle and I just looked at each other in this hard to explain shock and laughed. We knew it. It was more like a confirmation of what we had been joking about since we found out I was pregnant. I think it was said multiple times.. "watch--its going to be twins..." in those few weeks. Kyle even said one day after I slept for 12 hrs one night..." you only did that with the girls...you are pregnant with twins again aren't you??" he joked.

Yes. indeed I was. :)

I think as the reality of a twin pregnancy again became more real, we started to get a little more worried about the what if's. We knew we made it full term with one..but will we with two ??

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