Caution: Bumpy road ahead.

I am telling ya, I have never seen a grey hair so far..not bad for approaching my 30's. But give me 4 more months and I am sure I will be sprouting plenty. :( Shortly after my post this morning, I was alarmed by some bleeding. Why not right? I shouldn't have been surprised. So I called the doctors office. They called back and went through the questions and were going to call me back. Finally called back and the idea was if I bled again, to call immediately. If I wanted to come in, I was more then welcome, but being an hour away, I could stick with the if it happens again thing, but up to me and how I was feeling. aka- if I was paranoid out of my mind. I was also considering the 3 day weekend ahead. If it happened again, it would be a trip to the hospital, whoever was on call and I just didn't want to deal with that. And you can imagine, with everything going on, bleeding just never seems like a good thing even if its once, in a situation like mine. My heart and mind can not take anymore. So it worked out to go in the afternoon. My wonderful sister went with me because Kyle had to continue his overtime for work. It was so nice to have her there!! The u/s tech was so sweet and very respectful...not commenting about twins, she was kind to not scan baby girl so much either. She went straight for little boys heart and showed us on the screen that it was just fine and we listened to a wonderful 150 beats per min.

His heart keeps mine going. His fluid was good. He looked good and wiggley in there. Opening and closing his mouth several times and then covering his face with his hands. He is breech now. I am not children prefer that position. (He looks like Hudson did!)

She couldn't find a reason for the bleeding. Thank goodness. But it doesn't make it any easier to wonder just why....why can't this road be easy. I got into an exam room and my nurse hooked me up to the monitor to check for contractions, which I had been having before I got there. And all was quiet there. Phew! After waiting and waiting to see my doctor, I have to say it was fun to pass the time even in the moment of still just not knowing what was going on. My sister and I spent our time giggling. Which I really really needed after the last two weeks. My doc came in, did his exam, and basically the result is we know where its coming from but its not a concern to the actual pregnancy- its not my uterus, its not the placentas. Its my pathetic cervix. Its just how it is and unfortunately probably not the last time it will happen. So that sucks. But its good since there are no other concerns with it. He was so wonderful and assured me to keep calling if anything happens, changes etc. That its just fine and they understand. We kind of got the impression that its going to be a bumpy road. *sigh* My nurse even gave me her number to call her with any non emergency questions. She said I am one of 5 who has gotten it. ;) I am thankful we are in good hands and that I have such a great nurse. (I say my nurse, because I only have her- I think they keep the same nurses assigned to the same patients unless you come in when they aren't working)

In other news, the amnio results were in and so he shared that. It was just as we expected. Our baby girl was perfect. There were NO complications with her chromosomes. He said we will never know why she passed :( Our baby boy has perfect chromosomes as well. I am so thankful for that.

I canceled my appt for next week, since we did most of it today anyway. I go back in 2 weeks and we will do another u/s of baby boy and recheck him and check his growth etc. I am hoping for a quiet two weeks, only full of heartbeats and kicking.

Jayna  – (January 16, 2010 at 9:16 AM)  

I am so happy things look good with the little guy and will continue to pray for his safe arrival daily. Love you.

AndreaF  – (February 3, 2010 at 11:00 AM)  

So glad things are okay with baby boy. He looks beautiful. You are a trooper Bree! Hang in there and keep the faith! Love ya!!

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