Adventures in Bed Rest.

What a weekend! So after my appt on Tuesday things were going well. The usual weeks events and for the most part not a lot going on. Taxes got done an hour before deadline. (YAY! nothing like last minute, thats how we roll..haha) The kids and I went to Kyle's softball games. . I actually said to him.." You know why I thought it might be nice to come tonight don't you..?" "Who knows if I will be able to make it to anymore for awhile..." HAHA! And you see I said that because this next week are late games, which we would not go to, and the week after that would be early ones and I would be 35 weeks..just didn't know if the thought of going would be "fun".

Well...never know whats going to happen. I actually felt pretty good the end of the week. If it wasn't for the pelvic pain (I have symphysis pubis separation..which is the separation of the cartilage and pretty much feels like my legs are being ripped apart when I walk) I would feel as close to being normal as you can while pregnant. About 8:3o Friday night I noticed I was having contractions closer together then I usually do. So I started paying closer attention and recording them on a contraction calculator online. Hummm 5 minutes apart. Thats odd...SO I drank 24 oz of water. (I had already had about 100 oz that day) still coming. So I got in a warm bath. Woah...some were 3 min apart. Not good. After 15 min in the tub, they spaced to 7 min. I got out and laid in bed and drank more water. Still between 6-7 min for another hour or so. I decided the usual tricks to get them to space weren't working so it was time to call. My doctor thankfully was on call and he said that I could wait a little longer if I wanted to, but I would need to come in tonight to get checked out. It was already about 11:30 and the last thing I wanted to do was go in at 2 am. So we gathered some things for the kids, I put a bag together for me (murphys law right?) and we headed to Portland after dropping the kids at my parents house. We got to Labor and Delivery at about 12:45. I was checked in and taken to triage. (First time ever in a triage...with other patients behind curtains?? weird!) It was a busy night, and I wasn't high priority. My nurse was wonderful, but it just took forever for simple things. I was hooked up to the monitors and having contractions ever 5-10 minutes. I was starving since I was about to eat a late dinner when I had to hop in the tub, I should have ate before I left because they wouldn't allow me water or food "just in case". Boo. After awhile of monitoring, the nurse called my doctor and he wanted a FFN test done. The results came back about 45 minutes later and were negative. Which is much better then a positive result. I was then checked to see if there was any progress since my last check that week . After the nurse decided she wanted to see if she could actually tickle the babys head.. OUCH! She "Couldn't tell exactly...." Thought maybe I was a she got a different nurse who also felt the need to see if she could touch the baby...I think they ultimately made me more then I was..since it was so aggressive. But they agreed I was 1.5cm and 60% effaced. YIPES! They got word from my doctor that I was allowed to go home and stay on bedrest til 36 weeks and that I would see him at my appt that week. So we stayed just a little longer since the two exams created MORE contractions and finally I just said I can do this at home. I am too hungry and its 5:00 am. My nurse gave me some crackers and two icecreams and we left for home. She made me promise to call her when I got home and let her know if the contrax had slowed down. I finally got to sleep around 6 am and slept for 4 hrs. What a day!!

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