30 weeks-

I had my 30 week appointment last week and all is continuing to go well. I was surprised but my doctor didn't do an ultrasound of my cervix or check me! it had been a month since the last check via u/s. But since things appear to be going fine, no need to check :) We did get -I believe -the last ultrasound of our little boy to see how he is growing. He was measuring right on with my dates and looked great in there. We watched him practice breathing and kick the tech :) Like I had thought, he is head down with his back/butt to my right side and facing straight up! So that explains all of the alien like movements! We see his hands, elbows, knees and feet constantly moving around! During the u/s the tech laughed and showed us that his foot was by his nose! It was great! I just love getting to see a glimpse of him in his little world :)

All the other things- are just fine. I think this last time my blood pressure was 110/70? weight I went up 2lbs. All pretty good. I had to have my fibrinogen tested again since I guess last time it was within range, but had dropped more. Which we don't want to have happen. I got the call later that day that it looked ok and my doctor didn't want to do anything more right now. But will have it tested again. If it drops at all again, I believe I will be started on Heparin shots. OY. Just don't want to think of that and what that means. Having any issues is really rare.. So we will keep it at that for now and hope that my levels don't continue to drop. :)

I go back next week and will have my first non stress test(NST). I will lay down and will be monitored for 20-30 minutes to check his heartrate and how it reacts to him moving and resting, along with if I am having any contractions. I will then be going weekly after next week's appt and will be doing the NST's at those appts until he is born. We discussed possible dates to schedule and my doctor won't schedule him earlier then 39 weeks unless I have an amnio to check lung function or of course if I go into labor. So we are looking at May 28th or later.. I am having a little bit of a hard time considering Haley and Ashlyn were born May 26th. Memorial Day weekend. With this doctor, at this hospital. And here I am...in the same situation with my twins, same weekend, same holiday, same doctor and hospital, just thankfully at term. But sadly..same outcome of my twinless twin. Blah. :( So we may just schedule for June 1st just to have a little space after the girl's birthday and be a different month.

Here are a few u/s pics of little boy...

Belly shots week 29 & 30. I did 30 weeks too because that day I felt much bigger. Maybe its the shirt. haha But like today? I am feeling smaller then both of these pictures! So weird how that happens!

The Turkington Family  – (April 6, 2010 at 5:32 PM)  

You are beautiful and amazing...as always! Thanks you for sharing your journey with us. It is a privledge to be a part of it.

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