Bed rest: Day 3

Well, I survived the weekend. Kids all came home Sunday evening which was nice to have them back, I was getting lonely. haha Kyle was gone until the evening Saturday and then since he didn't sleep more then an hour, he slept for several hours once he did get home. Sunday he was gone again and came home early afternoon, then the kids came home. So that was nice to have him everyone back around. He was very helpful and picked up the house last night and started to get things organized for today.

Day 3: Today Kyle was able to stay home in the morning and get the kids off to school and then came home on his lunch to get the boys and I lunch. I am thinking its just going to have to be some of those things that I will need to do. Especially if we get into a couple "weeks" of bed rest. Its just not going to work as well as I thought it would especially when he is still umping softball in the evenings. Unfortunately we need that extra money to pay bills. So this is a short time frame that we just have to make it work. The alternative of having a baby in the nicu is going to be MUCH harder to organize life.

Today went really well until about 6 pm. Then the excessive silly insanity from not having a mommy to tell them to settle down kicked in. Lack of dinner I am thinking didn't help either. They started to search for food and get sillier. (Doesn't help that Haley is on National No TV week Patrol....and I told her we get an exception because the TV can baby sit her brothers..she didn't seem to agree but I overruled.) But they are quick to figure out that mom yelling from the bedroom doesn't mean much. OY! of all the weeks does Kyle really have to umpire every night the week I am on bedrest??? Then you throw in Tball practice, soccer practice, Kyle's own obsession of softball games and a Tball game? I am pretty sure if I don't have a baby from the chaos and stress of all that..then I will be admitted into the white padded room....

Stay tuned....Hopefully Day 4 goes better in the evening..because if it wasn't for Kyle not getting home until almost 7:30 tonight, I was going to give today 100% success!

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