32.5 weeks. So it begins!

Ok so first of all I have to say how wonderful it was that I kept a journal of Hudson's pregnancy! It has really come in handy! ( I will come back to that!)

Today was my 32 week appt and my first NST. All of the regular things were just fine, blood pressure, urine, weight (gained another 2lbs which has me at 13lbs gained so far..) I explained the more frequent contrax I have had at night and there have been times I have had more then I should in an hour, but that they space out- but it just seems more often then not. Just not protocol to call about it yet. My doctor- who is just one of those "checkers" wanted to check me, which I wasn't surprised. And indeed- a fingertip dilated. Everything else was fine, not effaced and still long. So now we just wait and see. The NST went just fine and little one was happy, active and heartrate looked good.

I go back in 1 week (I am beginning my every week now..) and will have another NST and he will check me. IF I have any change then we discuss what I will be taking to stop the progression of my cervix that will give us a week or two to get steroids in for baby's lungs. Now does that mean I will be admitted to the hospital so I am monitored? I don't know. Am I worried? No, not really. Not at this week anyway.

I am curious to see what happens in a week though. Now for the reason why I LOVE my journal from last time. This post here is from my 32 week appt with Hudson. Its almost IDENTICAL to today's appt. Though I have not already had steroid shots nor did he do a FFN test. But being a fingertip dilated at 32 weeks- SAME. So as I read a few more updates I stayed that way for 3 WEEKS! It was a slow to no change progression until 35 weeks. Then I slowly progressed to 2 cm by 38 weeks and at that point I was going to have in a week anyway so it didn't matter.

So that makes me feel much better. Nothing like a little peace of mind! But with that said, I don't know because of our unfortunate situation of losing our little girl, if that will play a role in any of this. Most of the people on a support group I am on delivered early for various reasons. So could that be a factor? Maybe. Could the progesterone be losing its potency? Maybe. Is it because we have absolutely NOTHING prepared or ready for him, that Murphy's law will bite us? Maybe!(no really- if you walked into the house, it would not appear that a baby was on its way..LOL) regardless- I think that I better start coming to terms with the fact that this pregnancy is almost done, and we will be welcoming our little boy to our family soon. I do hope its not for another 7 weeks! I would love to have another full term experience and just have an easier time at the end, since we will already be dealing with enough heartbreak when the day comes. So here's to next week!

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